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Monday, May 18th, 2009
11:47 pm - deen side baby!
me n cat are in the deen atm, pissed and putting make up on. its 20 to 12 n we're still not out yet, haha! the guys put on a film called Teeth, bout a girls who actually has teeth in her vagina n chops off every guys willy that she has sex wif, yeh thats rite, her beever has teeth?! we googled it n its an actual thing, a tumour that is from the outer embryo in the womb that can occur anywhere and grow teeth, skin and hair, haha! so gross!

watched role models too, wel good. putting on the cat slap!


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Thursday, September 18th, 2008
9:10 pm - woop woop!
yes people i still ready this all da time even tho i never up date, in like 2 years, haha! mainly to keep up wif kirsty, since we never see u now chicken! love u anyway babes! saz u write bout so many things, wats goin on?! lol. anyway me n cat r here n reading away, and we're actually quite drunk, woop woop! who have thot, us drunk?! at gillens the now wif cat, graeme and shewan drinkin b4 the pub. stil unemployed, thinkin on doin driving instructing, good money and i get a car out of it! woop woop tho it expensive! but we'll see. cat starts 4th year in a couple weeks doin pharmacy, our lives r all moovin on....and im stil poor, god damnit! i want a rich man, haha!

love ya's all (wel saz n kirsty cuz dat all dat ever update n all i ever read! lol)

bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

current mood: drunk

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Monday, December 11th, 2006
10:36 pm
well hello to anyone who actually reads this! lol.

man im pure stressing. i have a sociology essay due in this thursday and i've written 2000 words of absolute pish so far. i aint even linked th paragraphs together or anythin yet. mum ses she'll read over it n help me, which means we'll sit for about 3 hours or her saying 'u cnt write that, this doesnt make sense, fiona thats not even a word, and wat does this mean?' etc etc n i'll wish i never asked for her help in the first place. i jus want a C or D. preferably a C cuz dat'llmake it better to get inna 3rd year, wchich im no even sure im gettin into. gotta get B's in psychology! ha wat a joke, espec as it relies on u writing about 10 essys this yeer, english and essay writing, was ma weakest point, part from maths, which oh yes i also gotta kinda do in ma statistics class! im fucked. part from the screwing over of the essays n work i gotta do, im a lot more settled this yeer. was almost having a nervous breakdown at the end of the summer jus thinkin bout goin back to uni. was totally dreading it, more than i've ever dreaded anythin else before! n i was gonna b all alone, no mo at the time n no sara. but im glad i went back. i made new friends, who r great, espec rachel, she's so funni n we're goin to get our ears pierced agen after our stats exam this week, lol. hope i dont chicken out. n goin bak led to me seein mo a lot more which i rele liked n reaslied how perfect he is for me etc, now we're back together n i soo happy to have him agen. stuf jus went on that was not good before we broke up, but the break did us a hell of good and now things r all sorted n we're all lovey agen n i hope it lasts ages n ages.

n we put up our christmas tree tonite! ma dad's all like 'its way too early, a week before christmas is plenty of time' etc, so tonite he was workin late n ma mum cums in n is all like 'euan wanna help me wif sumthin.....wanna get the tree up?' lol wooo! its so pretty, dad came home n wasnt so impressed, :P but we made him help put up da rest of the decorations. love christmas, makes me all warm inside, haha, how gay is dat :P think mum was more in a mood to put it up earlier than planned cu zher uncle bill dies a couple days ago. shes quite upset, i never rele him, infact da only time i remember meetin him was at his sisters, ma great aunt Liz's funeral a few yeers ago! thats them both gone to cancer now. the funeral's this thur down in dorset (dat sy i never see him). but i cnt go cuz i have an exam dat day n ma bro cnt take any more time off work so ma parents r goin. kinda glad i aint goin, funerals r jus depressing, n id have to stay wif family i dont even know or feel comfortable wif!

me n hayls r goin christmas shopping on friday too! need to get so many pressies and buy maself sum new clothes fo xmas nites out n stuf. bet i'll b shattered once dat day's over :P christmas nite out this sat in the brisbane house hotel, hope its rele good! ma boss n janette will no doubt b plastered :P lol.

hope over the holidays we have more nites out wif peeps who i dont rele see anymore. i've not been out much (i know, whod've thot eh? lol) cuz i've so much uni stuf to do its not even funni n im completely and utterly skint! gonna need like £200 for shippin this fri, n no idea where its cummin from! lol.

anyhoo think dats all things of interest. hope to see everyone soon and get in mucho drinkage! (when i have money)

bye xxxxxxxxxxx

current mood: calm

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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
12:27 pm
hey all! does anyone still actually read livejournal? i always do jus never update.lol.

but yeh im ill rite now so thot i wood. woke up on thursday n had kinda sore glands, n then on sat nite while i ws workin ma left glad all of a sunnden became rele rele swollen n agony, n ma nose got all blocked up! so like on sunday i felt like total shit, n yesterday i felt jus the same, n puked up, even tho id eaten nuffin all day, n today i went to the doctors, i coodnt read his writing but think it sed i have tonsillitis. great! he gave me a sick line n i've not to go bak to uni til next week, n i got anti biotics n shit. sooo not good. im gonna miss like labs n stuf n fall behind! n ma parents r away on holiday rite now, for like da first time ever i quite want ma mummy. probs cnt cum out at da weekend, wel more like ma maw probs wont let me.

hayls came up n saw me ysterday n we watched my girl, altho i fell asleep!soz chick! felt so bad. um then spent da rest if the nite on da couch as per, n ma bro woke me up at 12.10am n carried ma stuf throo to ma room for me cuz i had to go to bed. then he took me to da docs thismornin. aw love ma big bro. his g/f is cumin down today too, at bout 5 so study n make sure i dont die :P cuz me bro's goin to work at 3-9. uh im so hungry dat ma stomach hurts but i dnot wanna eat anythin. weighed masekf this mornin n i've lost like 4 pounds,which is good, but under bad ciscumstances!

anyhoo dats like the non excitment of ma life!


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Sunday, August 27th, 2006
5:15 pm
good things always come to an end, but i never thought this would

current mood: sad

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
8:37 pm
im home from magaluf! twas awsum! rele rele amazin! lol was well sad to leave :P

the plane there was funni, me saz n hayls sat next to eachother n shared a room, n gillian n amanda were sittin behind us, n this rele loud laldy woamn sat next to them n chatted all da way rele loud, n was givin gill her tampax n dirrohea pills to hold n stuf while she tried to find ear plugs n dat, twas so funni, then gill broke her fan n she was like 'uh u broke it ya fanny! give me it bak!' lol was sooo hillarious! got to our hotel fine n went straight to da bach 4 a bit of sunbathin b4 dinner. drank in the hotel bar n then to the local bar, where this seth guy gave us tiny wee penisis to put on our straws n he's like 'dats a seth penis, cuz its the size of mine'' lol, not the best thing to say :P lol. then went to jokers, a rele cool bar where there was this guy ashley who was welsh n so sound, lol, saw him like everynite n he knew all our names, went there last nite n he wa slike 'girls where u been?! aint seen ya in ages!'' lol we watched big brother in bar 29 too n saw pete win! soo good! so went away a wonder n ended up at the sling shot, me n hayls went on it n twas soooo good! lol well fun! was rele drunk tho so i dnt rele member much bout it but we have a dvd to remember it by n tis sooo funni! lol. omg almost forgot, we went down the beach n all decided to go skinny dipping! lol twas sooo funni! kept fallin over! sea was so cosy tho! n the police put search lights on us n stuf n like we were runnin away n sum people took fotos n then we shobed clothes bak on n me n gillian realised me n her had lost our shoes! lol n she kept sayin 'mine were £30!' n im like 'mine were only 10, but i liked them!' so then we're wokin along n realise the police stil have a search light on us so we jus pretend to wok up to the path n sit on a wall n they soon go away, then we wok bak along the beach n we found our shoes! jus as we met 'amanda n dat' lol.

on saturday we jus spent the day by the pool n manda n saz went n bot a huge rubber ring! loved it! lol. whilst me n saz were fannyin bout in it we met travis from new zealand (spelt it right htis time) n then in the after noon we went to the beach n we were busy lus soakin up the sun n this woman cums along n ses 'fruit?!' n we're like 'no thanks' n she ses 'jus try sum' so she shoves sum melon n pineapple at us n we eat it then she cuts us 2 slices of melon, one pineallpe n one water melon n then ses to me '9 euro' n im all like 'fuch sake dats dear' n then i cough up all da money we have on us, then she turns to sara n ses '9 euro' lol n we all kinda shouted 'EACH?!!!' lol n saz had takin a bite n wa slik e'u want it bakl?' lol we had no money at all! n gillian coodnt memberhow to say sorry in spanish so we were jus sittin there like 'shit, shes gonna stab us' lol i jus kinda shrugged n she woked away in a huff, was sooo funni!

on sunday we went to the water park which was soo good too! all da rides were cool, the one like the black hole was soo scary! n gillian went on the like almost verticle yellow one! sooo scary! n the wave pool was good, n i was bein a whale in this other wee pool :P n there was these huge buckets dat filled wif water n tipped all over u, so good n refreshing!gililan went home early at nite wen we were out cuz she got food poisoning from muscles dat she ate! poor chick, felt rele bad for her throwin up n stuf for da next few days! danced a lot in bars dat nite, sang karaoke too n hayls left early so me, saz n maz decided to go skinny dippin agen :P n then these 2 guys came over n sat on our bench n threatened to steal our stuf, lol but they were nice n didnt bother n left us to it, lol. then we wondered bak all wet to mandas room n we sat on da balcony laughin n muckin bout n there was these 'laldy bastards' next door to us who were sooo fuckin loud n kept tokin to us, altho they were italian n we had no idea wat they were saying, but yeh a search light appeared on our balcony n the next thing i answer a knock at da door n tis 2 security guards! lol. n i totally crapped it, n we sed twas d aguys next door makin noise, so they got told off n the security guys were like 'big noise' lol n they left, twas so funni! so we went inside cuz the laldy bastards next door were stil bangin on da walls to tok to us :P

on monday we lounged by the pool as per wif travis n jay n got to know them then we went to jokers, bar 29 and panama jakcs (dat right ladies?) n then onto the foam party at BCM where we met the guys! twas sooo awsum! foam fightin n gettin soakin n chokin n hayls pulling! n all this banter! loved it! left at bout 4.30 n went to mc'Ds as per n then i got ma foto taken on a carisel, lol the pic is hillarious! lol. travis n jay came knockin on our doors ar 6.30am but only gillian heard but cuz she didnt know dats who it was she never answered, da rest of us fell asleep :P lol.

on tuesday i woke up with the worst hang over ever! ma stomach was totally killin me beyond belief! manda n gill n saz went shoppin but i was in no fit state so me n hayls went n lay by the pool, i fell asleep in ma rubber ring n kinda woke up n heard hayls sayin 'no dont, shes not feelin well' n then this cold stuff hittin ma arm, so i open ma eyes n travis is drippin ma water on me! lol. after a while i felt better, manda n dat came bak n we all mucked bout int he pool all day n in the rubber ring! the guys went home dat nite, twas kinda sad since we jus got to know them! stayed in dat nite n acted out a story from a magazine which was fuckin hillarious! n gillians in da middle of acting out her drivin a car n then one of da italian guys form next door sticks his head round the balcony n she got such a fright n screamed n jumped out her seat! lol n i got it all on the video camera :P so good!

on wednesday we went shopping to potri pi! lol wat a name. gill saw the Zara n got rele excited, so we all bot sum clothes n stuf n ate ice cream n mcdonalds, hayls had 3 mcd's dat day lol! i only had 2! lol. n there was these spanish guys dat kept starin all da time like da hwole week n sayin 'hello pretty girls' n stuf twas funni n one had a mullet, n so we called him mullet man, n one asked gillian if we wanted to go to palma in his car with them dat nite, lol, eh no, so she jumped in the pool to get away :P oh n mullet man saw saras boobs wen they acidentaly popped out lol. cood not stop laughin! on our way bak to the hotel we met guys from saltcoats dat gillian n dat knew, oh yeh at BCM on monday we met kerry russel n tuesday n tracy! weird!

on thursday we got up early n sunbathed by the pool to make the most of our last day! n bout 20 of these bloody loud guys dressed in lifeguard stuf turned up on a stag do, the guy getitn married was dressed in a swin suit wif a wig n was pamela anderson, they were soo funni n pissed at 10am already n there was this black guy wif wel cool soft crazy hair toked to us a lot, he was like 39 n we all felt so young :P went to the beach for a bit too n wondered the shops n came bak to the pool n played volley ball, we were jus gettin good as we had to go home, typical! lol. then we packed n went out for dinner to a pizzeria place. saw the stag do guys dat nite too, lol. we also went for a chinese on like tues nite too i think, so good. dat nite we went to our usual jokers to say bye to ashley, twas sad, got a picture wif him, n then we went to bar 29 n then left n jus wondered bout the streets n stuf, n went bak to da hotel.

2day we had to leave! twas sad! this big fat east kilbride guy we met too sed bye to us n sum others they'd met, he was sooo funni! lol. twas sad! me n manda n hayls slept sprawled all over eachother on da plane bak too :P n we arrived finally bak in the rain! task!

quotes -

'oooh chris de burgh' (however u spell it :P)
'shit in shells'
'flew on a plane from larrrgs'
plate sucker
''this yours?..no..ci..no..ci..no, this one'' (gill points to the case at the very bottom of the pile, que the guy ''no no no, this one urs'' n gils like 'ok watever, ci'' lol
mullet man
the spanish laldy bastards (who turned out to be italian)
''look at me im like a whale''
''9 euro...EACH?''
'skiiner the peegon'
'saras got a jiggly bot'
'mummy fix'
gillians touchin her croth agen
'i thot guys from south africa were ment to b hot?'
'did u jus get married?'
'4 stone'
'sorry stacy'
'who's dat guy? he looks bout 65'...'dats jay!' lol....annoyin hyls bout him 'ok guys give me a break'...'ok u got 5 minutes, run!'

ok think dats all! i've probs forgotten like soo much tho, lol. thanx for a great holiday ladies! loved it! cnt wait til next yeer!

love ya's xxxxxxxxx

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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
3:13 am
woo go check out ma flash box on bebo! tis so cool! lol mo made the entire thing! (he wants me to mention his greatness :P)


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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
6:41 pm
omg im actually so excited! we booked our holiday to magaluf 2day! me, saz, maz, hayls n gillian, shood b fun :P hope all goes well for gillian lol. cnt wait, like actually! will be brill! hee hee

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

current mood: excited

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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
8:14 pm
man im bored and tired and skint. was gonna go out tonite, but in the end it felt like i wasnt included in da plans that had already been made so i just forgot bout it. didnt wanna feel more left out.

dad transfered money into ma account today dat im keepin for da holidays, hopefully they're good.

dunno wats up wif me these days. keep feeling bored, n down, and tired n blah! sucks.

been workin all week pretty much. janette was sick so i got called in tuesday, wed, thut and fri, n was workin as usual today. worked 31 hours tho so nice wee pay packet to me next week :) least dats one thing to feel happy bout. and people say money doesnt buy happiness :P

man, nuffin else to write rele. *crap life*


current mood: blank

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Friday, March 24th, 2006
8:43 pm
hey peeps! jus thot id update ya's on da stuf from london (baby) lol.

um on tuesday at 6.15 i picked up maz n saz n we got our chinese n bot 3 bottles of alcohol. came bak to mine n ate n drank n bantered, listened to classy cococola songs wif me dancin. great video so it is!

da train ride to glasgow was a rite laugh, john was wif us too n were tokin such random shit, wif 'a-mon' and 'jay-zed' n 'aw man twas soo funni, i mean i wasnt rele there but it sounded funni' lol. took so many pics da whole weekend. there was a 24 hour bar in da hostel which was actually quite nice compared to wat i thot it was :P our room was fuckin roastin tho,m but saz made us shut da window cuz she was scared a man mite climd up 3 floors n jump in da window durin da nite, lol. um 24 hur bar was fun. randomers smokin from this big pipe thing which me n saz thot was hash n were like 'omg dats so illegal, rite out in da open aswell' but turned out not to be n was sum apple n strawberry thing or summit, so da poster on da wall sed anyhoo. me n saz had an indian first nite while we all kidna fell out n slpit up for diff restaurants n then met in da bar later. a guy in da indian sed 2 us 'ma collegue wood like a photo of you 2 is dat ok? we'll give u a free drink' lol so we wer elike 'yeh sure ok, random but ok' :P but he never came to get da pic cuz he was too shy apparently, lol. twas funni tho. um saw 2 busses crash on da road, was a rele busy junction n one ran inna da side of another, hopefully da woman driver wasnt at fault in da first one :P lol. n we were lookin at it n saz was like 'omg wat jus happened?' n sum rnadom oleish guy behind us was like 'the busses just crashed' in this pure surcastic tone, was soo funni. ah saz u crack me up. all ate in an itialian restaurant on da last nite, had a long funni convo bout sleepin wif ur parents for a million pounds n 8 year old girls n stuf, the pople probs all thot we were insane freaks. lol.

got drunk both nights, both were eventful, lets just leave it there, lol. da bus home was a task was sooooooooooooooo hot n was gettin pissy :P bot mo this cool like 2 foot long marshmallow from topshop! omg! oxford street had thee biggest topshop i have ever seen! it was 3 floors high, had a faith shoes n office shoe bit downstairs with a cafe and then a whole floor of vintage stuf and jeans n then a whole floor of jus jewellery n accessories n stuf n dog clothes and a big sweet store bit! twas ammmazin! n hamleys toy store was great, spent ages in there playin wif everythin too! lol. n da designer street wif all da posh shops was cool too. went on a bus tour n had to get diverted cuz sum guy was tryin to commit suicide off a bridge next to london eye, then wen we were waitin in traffic i see da guys sittin on da grass! wat r da chances of seein them wen london's so huge?! so we managed to get their attention n stuf we were all laughin bout it. lol.

go got really drunk, n ko'd in da guys room twice, ended up half under mo's bed wif his trousers round his ankels sum how, da photos r great :P lol.

dunno wat else happened, i'm sure we'll fill u in b4 anyone even reads this, lol!

love ya's xxxxxxxxxx

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Monday, January 9th, 2006
11:46 pm
man aint updated since like christmas, dat wa slike 2 weeks ago!

unfortunately i stil have like nuffin interesting to tok bout. boxing day was ma dads birthday. didnt do anythin special. i went out shopping wif hayls to greenock, got 3 t-shirts n a hoody n summit else but i cnt member n she got everythin she wanted.but then agen we cooda gone shopping on 27th, who knows :P

ma maw n paw went away to edinburgh for 2 days on the 28th for their silver wedding anniversary. mo stayed over sumtime during then. parents came home on 30th, maw wasnt tokin to me for a few days cuz i didnt buy them a pressent, but u have to understand we've never ever once bot them any sort of pressent for their anniversary so yeh she fell out wif me for dat. was kinda bliss actually, she coodnt moan at me for anyhtin :P unfortunately she's tkoin now tho :P lol. me n mo spent 3 nites together, i stayed at his, then he stayed at mne, we went to glasgow for da day to da cinema n saw cheaper by the dozen 2 which was so good, lol n then i syaed at his agen.

spent new year's at go's party, things turned weird after da bells but i stil had fun strangely enough lol. the next day i went home for dinner. n then went bak to mo's at nite cuz his maw had a wee gathering n we played games, which i hate doin wif strangers but turned out ok i s'pose. dats wen the 3 nites in a row started. um went to glasgow wif mo too at one point n did sum shopping, got more stuff then. we both wanted these shoes from schuh n neither of them were in n wont b til february! how typical! i'll get them eventually, hopefully, kinda expensive tho! grrr.

been working lots, earning lots of money, tis nice to have sum agen :P lol. beenn in da pub lots too, singin n bein harr\ssed by these 30 year old guys who got steadily drunker n scarier as da nite went on, lol. they moaned dat there was nuffin to do in largs bar pubs on thur nite, but by the end of da nite they didnt seem to b complainin anymore :P lol. hmmm wat else. got ma exam on the 18h, been studyin hard, stil so much crap to get throo, tis not makin sense sum of it tho! ach well, twill all work out in the end!

goin out to lunch wif saz on wed to jade palace in greenock! shood be good,n will get to drive wif her, which i've never done! heehee. on wed nite mo's cumin over to watch da final 2 episodes of lost! n the oc starts agen tomoz! hell yes! n then er started last week too! tis great! n got the semi-final kareoke comp in mccaebs on thurs, kinda nervous, £750 wood b really handy tho! lol.

anyhoo dats all i've been doin!

bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Sunday, December 25th, 2005
11:12 pm

hope everyone had a good day! i did! last nite all da girls went to Morgans for our meal. twas really nice. n good banter, swapped pressents n jaf was wavin her vibrator bout wen da waitress came to check on us, lol twas funni. meal was rather cheap too. was a good laugh. cat left early wif james tho t go to church, was great to see you agen cat! we left bout 10.15 n detoured throo wemyss bay to see all da crazy lights! they were so good! hee hee. then went to saras to get ma pressie of her, then she ran inna fids to get tickets for tonite n then we came home. i was textin mo for ages, til like 1am n then i went to sleep. got up at bout 9.30, ma bro got up first for once! so we opened pressies. i got clothes n bags n belts n money n chocolate n cool pants, n a mermaid pen! (thanx saz!) n cocktail set from hayls, lol wil have to try it out! n mo got me a popcorn machine n lost dvd set n Hitch dvd n a wee pink pen knife thing, lol tis cool, his maw got me a rele nice bag charm thing n a cool cushion. which is like so comfy. hm wat else did i get, a candle that changes colour wen its lit, which is crazy! cnt work out how it works but tis well mad! got lots of disney princess stuff 2! :) ma uncle n gran came down for lunch as always. ma gran n granda didnt this year cuz elian was goin over to theirs wif da wee cute baby louis! hee hee ain seen him in ages. watched so many films today too, hitch, shrek 1 and 2 n then toy story 2.

been textin mo all day. he sent me pics of lola n harris (his neice n nephew) n they're so cute, lola had on a tiger suit n then a princess dress she got from santa! twas adorable! he's fonin me later wen he gets bak to wendey's house.

2moz me n hayls n hopefully cat r goin to greenock for a bit,. dunno how many shops wil b open but worth a try! need sum cool shoes. dnt rele have any. want 2 bags too. got so many now, need summit to hang them on actually!

stil got no plans for new years. no one cn have a party n doesnt know wat to do so yeh kinda screwed for now. workin new years eve too, better nt b dat busy, n better not b crazy orders cloggin up da floor behind da counter! wat a task dat was on xmas eve. n by 4pm there were sum left n myra jus opened da bags n put da stuf bak out, then 2 peeps came for their orders, lol, so we had to find out wat was in it n put it all bak in a bag! farce! had a wee secret santa too. i got a candle n calender n a pair of socks. not bad!

dads birthday tomoz 2. i knew twas to moz but i forgot i didnt rele have anythin for him,ach well i cn buy him summit 2moz in town :P i have him a card anyhoo but dats it!

anyhoo dont rele have anythin else to say! hope to see everyone agen soon!

byeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Monday, December 19th, 2005
6:59 pm
heya guys!

aint seen anyone in ages! bring on xmas eve for our morgan's meal! woop * bot all da girls pressies on sunday along wif lots of stuf for maself, wel for santa to give me on xmas day :P got 5 belts :P bit over da top but they're all so nice :P n mostly glittery! hee hee. n got thee coolest baggy jeans from topshop! cnt wait to get them :P um so yeh dats wat i was doin yesterday. mo was in hospital da other nite :P he drunkenly was truin to cut open a carton of wine wif da guys n da knife slipped n he sliced his finger :P he had to get it all glues n plastered up, lol. stil ait seen him since thursday, not good. missin him n everyone else. saw saz on fri nite but dats it. tis weird not goin to da pub on a thur, tis wen i usually see da girls, but yeh i was in glasgow this thur n hayls was workin n stuf so didnt go, twas weird :P goin for a meal this thur wif mo cuz he's leavin on fri :( so dunno if we'll maybe cum later! hopefully, depends how long we take to eat!

not been doin much else. was our staf nite out on friday., twas pretty much me n saz n then da rest of da staf in a nother wee conversation :P didnt think anyone wood notice if i was gone, but apparenrlty they all did. i was away upstairs catchin up wif jordan for like a half hour n everyone was wonderin where i was, surprisingly. but twas a good nite, sum drunken dancing n stuf, cnt find any nice alcohol wen im not in mccabes as theres a lack of pasoa! not fans!

first day off today. twas boring actually :P got up bout 12 n then had sum toast n watched tv all day. new york minute was on! the mary kate n ashley film! twas so gd! hee hee so yeh i taped it :P picked ma maw up from work , was asked to go inna aulds 2day actually but yeh i coodnt :P shame. was gonna go in at 4 anyhoo 2 see if they needed a hand but coodnt b assed in da end!

mo's stayin over tonite hopefully. he's jus away inna largs wif go n john for food n then he's callin his maw to bring him up here! i feel like its a friday nite or summit, weird.

so cant wait til christmas! will hopefully be good, sept ma gran n granda aint cumin 4 lunch this yeer which sucks but never mind. dnt have any plans for new yeer, if any of u guys have any ideas let me know! i aint sittin at home on ma own!

love n peace xxxxxxxxxx

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
11:19 am
hey guys! man i aint updated in ages so thot i wood!

im in da library in uni rite now n am bored. i finished at 10am, only one lesson on a wed such a farce! but im meetin moo at one n then im goin inna da city me thinks n then goin to da dentist. which meens i gotta get off at inverkip, bet i'll forget n go home :P

wel wats been happenin!

um last week was ok. manda n hayls n me were at mccabes which was sooo funni! twas kareoke nite n twas packed n eddie sang quite drunkardly but twas so good n twas such a laugh! eyes were stingin wif da smoke tho! task! so we left bout 12 n got home sum time after that.
had da hospital on friday bout ma skin, n da woman's like 'i dunno if theres anythin we cn do to make it better' bitch! its fuckin sore n itchy n bleeds, surely theres summit u cn do assface! grr so i got blood taken to see if im illergic to anythin, dont find out da results till 30th december tho! so far away! on friday nite went to c harry potter! twas rele good. neville's sooo cute :P wif his wee dancing n stuf :P then paniced uz ma windscreen forze over n thot id b stuk there forever! but if soon melted n we were on our way :P was fuckin freezin dat nite too! bloody minus 5.5 degrees!
on saturday i was workin 8-5. twas ok. nuffin dat excitin, twasnt too busy, not too quiet either hto. so glad tis non smoking, i no longer reek wen i finish! um was lonely wifout saz as twas ma first shift wifout her now she's left! :( saturday nite moo came round to mine n we watched xfactor n then the mummy returns but then i fell asleep. so i woke up sum time later n da movie was off n stuf, id slept throo da whole thing n mo was kinda asleep wen i woke up to. so then we both fell asleep agen. then we both woke up at 6am, n mo was soooo awake twas not reel! we kept shaking me n bein like 'fi! im bored amuse me! im all awake u cnt sleep!' psht n i was gettin annoyed cuz i was soooo tired! lol. so then we finally got to sleep agen, n i woke up bout 10am n he was all sleepy-pay bak time! lol. then i dropped moo home bout 2pm, i came bak n wrote ma psychology essay! go me * stil got wee bits to tweak but i'll do dat nearer da time, need to get a start on ma sociology one now! task! tis gonna b a bitch to write! not looking forward to it.
monday i started goin to da gym agen. then i went on tuesday n today too! im so proud of me, altho ma legs r killin me! i rele dont use a lot of ma muscles :P

2nite lost is on! woohoo! tis so good!

wel think dats all da excitmentm, not dats it even rele dat excitin! man ma life sucks :P

dunno wat im up to this weekend, goin to edinburgh on sunday for a wee bit of xmas marketing n shoppin n iceskatin n goin on da big wheel! hopefully mo cn cum wif me, or else i mite not go. bein stuk wif ma parents probs wont b dat fun :P hee hee.

anyhoo c ya's all later! girls up for da pub as usual tomoz nite?

love ya's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
10:02 pm
heya guys!

well monday nite at mo's was good. watched a film i think, think i fell asleep agen :P lol. i've been sooo tired! altho twas rele late n i kinda woke up, n felt tapping on ma face n thot mo was sleepin beside me n stirrin in his sleep n jus kinda hittin off me, bt no, i open ma eyes n he's sittin in the chair opposite me n laugin his head off, he'd been throwin his skanky socks at ma face n dats wat woke me up! poo head!

on tuesday uni was ok as far as i member. dnt rele member wat happened :P on wednesday i dragged ma ass in for one subject as usual, mite jus take wednesdays off from now on actually! but i like the whole seein mo thing so i mite jus go in but later on :P heehee. wed nite was Lost! twas soooo good! cnt wait til next week's episode! on thursday i had ma psychology tutorial, our tutor is so crap, rele not good at explainin anythin! so we were only there for half an hour too. stayed at mo's dat nite too! twas good. we went to the cinema, n we saw Sky High agen, tis so good :P n da bad boy's sooo hot n he rele rele looks like sum other actor n tis pissin me off cuz i cnt think who! grrr! watched a Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy! 3rd time lucky n i actually stayed awake this time! go me! n then we watched half of the faculty n we both fell asleep! n then early in the mornin, he heard e turn over n sed 'r u asleep?' n i wa slike 'uh ur makin me tok, i so cnt b bothered' so i jus grunted n he asked if he cood get da wall side, so we swapped then he jus like gives me a tiny wee bit of space n i like fall out the bed all nite! grrr! hate single beds! so this mornin mo went inna uni for 10 cuz he had lectures. n then i got up at 11 to get ready to meet saz at 11.25, so i was jus standin in ma pj's brishin ma teeth, a total state n da fuckin fire alarm goes off! i was not impressed! i was like 'wtf?! shood i go outside or jus stay here, tis always a false alarm, but knowin me htis will b da real thing this time!' so i quickly got changed n trapsed down n joined laura, nic n helen from the flat. we were all freezin, n twas rainin. finally got bak in at quarter past n had a missed call from saz, lol she'd seen us all standin outside :P so hurridly got ready n went to meet her. had the stupid guy for sociology dat we dont like n cnt understand then had our tutorial twas soo funni. our tutor's well crrrazy! like seriously well loud n chattin constantly n swearin twas great. n i was sittin next to this guy from northern ireland who spent last yeer teachin wee kids in south africa! how cute's dat?! then met mo to give him his flat keys. then had music at 3, only 3 of us this time in class. twas sooo shite! totally gonna fluck his essay we have to do! but i rele dont care! im droppin it next yer anyhoo! dunno wat else to take tho :S anyhoo missed da 4.30pm train home n so had to wait for da 5.15 one but luckily i met ashley n we toked for a while n dat passed da time. got ma train home, finished readin ma music book! woop (*) will get started on da report next week!

2nite i've done nuffin. didnt get in til after 6 n then had tea n then showered n sorted out sum uni stuf. n dats like it. downloaded sum more music as i finally got a free downloadin thing! yaas! it stores the songs in a rele weird complicated place tho! will need 2 get moo to sort dat one out for me!

working tomoz, seein mo at nite hopefully. n dats like it for ma weekend! have no money to go out! like literraly none watso ever! n i owe me maw money n she keeps moanin at me bout it :S eek

anyhoo g2g! hopefully see ya's all later! oh da mccabes kareoke starts next thursday, hope to see sum of ma peeps there supportin me :P dunno if i'll actually b singin this week tho! we'll jus have to see!

anyhoo byeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Monday, October 17th, 2005
10:43 pm
hey peeps! aint updated in ages so i thot i wood, even tho tis been so long i cnt member wats been happenin!

uni's been ok. twas good til tutorials started nh we've got all these dats for essays to b due in n stuf :( not fans! n music is soooo crap! school music classes were way better, n theres scary 21 yeer old 3rd yeer students takin it too, i feel so young nout of place half da time n we have to sight read! y the fuck do we have to learn to sight read! wen am i ever gonna use it?! so yeh aint likin music at all. had sum confoosin tutorial 2day bout our 3000 word long project dats to b handed in next may! soooo screwed! i was 20 mins late to it as well, cuz i went to da station for the 1.05pm train, but none came til 10 to 2. so i rushed to da underground n got on da subway n met lynsey there too n we were jus chattin away wen a wee announcment came on saying dat there'll b delays cuz theres sum emergency along the track infront n they're waitin for an ambulance! not a good train day!

been stayin at mo's like 2 days a week 2! which has been fantastic! i love seeing him so much! n his flat mates r so groovey :p we went out to campus on thursday nite n both got rele drunk n i almost fell over on da dance floor! y wood u put stairs in ma way people?! hee hee, luckily mo cought me tho! um helen n stef were there, later joined by nic too, who was out on a date first of all, i've yet to find out how it went :P n mo actually liked capmpus, i was (as was he) impressed! lol.

the weekend was ok. friday nite i went to da cinema wif hayls which was cool. got a mcdonalds wif all these scary neds outside revvin up their wee cars n tryin to b cool! then we went n saw Sky High which was actually rele good! nice wee bit of cheese! n da guys were actually hot, espec da bad boy wen he had his hair up n was bein all nice n cutr :P then on saturday i was wokin 10-5. nuffin too excitin, no wee boys cumin in n askin for viagra this time :P lol. n lauras gettin engaged 2day! which prompted the 3 of us to tok bout weddings for da next couple of hours :P twas fun! hee hee. on sat nite twas hilly's party which she obv got rele drunk at, n i finally have a camera fone to take pics of her on it :P lol. n we melted marshmallows in candles n had a wee sing along! n kirsty actually sang! i was impressed! go u girl! then mo came bak to mine n stayed over! dropped him home on sunday n then i jus pottered bout.

i had a hospital check up today too so i missed 3 of ma lectures, not that im bothered rele! i'll get da notes later! jus steal them off saz!

was at da qm tonite watchin sum film called Anchorman, twas kinda crappy i thot. everyone else seemd to laugh lots n like it but i didnt think twas dat great :P so after dat we came home n now im on ere n mo's bein a geek n readin sum computing magazine :P bless!

anyhoo catch up wif ya's all later! kareoke comp's startin soon! hopefully c ya's there ;)

love n peace xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Friday, September 23rd, 2005
5:20 pm
hey all!

wel went bak up to glasgow last sunday wif mo. got there n cian n the twins n helen were desperate for go to see his room cuz twas totally caked, literrally, i meen plug sockets n lamps n the floor n everythin in tinfoil! but unfortunately he didnt cum up wif us dat nite. so they were all disappointed. dat nite we all played card games, like killer wink, n mo's games, twas sooooo funni! i was in tears half da time! lol. went to bed finally, was nackered. then on tuesday me n mo went inna da city n i got new trainers! they're sooo cool! n also got passport fotos taken for enrolling in music, n then we went to pizza hut. then go picked us up, as his dad was drivin him bak up. then we got to da flat n go finally saw his room, twas quite da reaction we were hopin for, jus a wee 'fuck sake' n ripped it all off :P stil twas funni while it lasted. then da girls came bak n the guys were on da laptop while the rest of us were in da kitchen. there was ment to b a block party dat nite. n twas 8pm n there was stil no one out on da stairs for a party :P so we decided we'd start drinkin n kick it off. so we drank sum, n the girls from da flat below came up n they had da same idea, n decided to go round every door n bang on it n get everyone out. which worked. i drank a whole bottle of wine! got really wasted, drank sum more lambrini n red dquare n stuf. mo had ma other bottle of wine 2. lol he was also wasted. so were all of us, there was tonnes of peeps in flat A so we were all in there for a bit then there was peeps on da stairs n twas so good. great party wif everyone. n he next mornin all our drink bottles, as in jus da ones from our flat, were sittin on da stairs, lol. mo also ko'd in his room n locked da door n i was locked out, so i had to sleep in wif go dat nite. n da next mornin mo didnt member anythin n asked y i was locked out n stuf :P lol. twas funni. then we were slightly hung over n spent da day wonderin bout uni enrolling in classes n findin other stuf out. i dont wanna start uni! so cnt b assed! least i know where im goin for everythin now tho. music sounds sooo shite tho. dont wanna take it n i dont know anyone, wel actually i knew tib n catriona thomas, but dunno if i'll b in da same class as them, as we're all havin to take 'placement tests' farce. spent a lot of time in da QMU jus eatin n playin a lot of Spot The Difference, da machines gonna b full of jus mo n go's money i tell ya!

wed nite was rele boring i think, stef lost the pak of cards da nite b4 while drunk, so i made paper cards which were soo bad, lol. n we jus pottered bout rele. mo needs 2 get a tv! his laptop unfortunately stil hadnt arrived or we'd have been fine. on thursday i enrolled in sociology wif saz n then we had lunch n met mo n then went to da flat i think. came home last nite. was soooooooooo tired! stil am!

been workin today. nuffin excitin. laura was havin trouble findin a place for our xmas nite out! hope u cum to dat saz! wont b da same wifout u! twasnt dat busy so dat was good! cnt b assed startin at 8am tomoz tho! grrr!

anyhoo dats it rele!

love ya's xxxxxxxxxxx

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Friday, September 16th, 2005
9:29 pm
heya all!

wel freshers week has ended for me unfortunately. heres all da goss (well da parts i cn remember anyhoo)

on monday mornin got the 11 train to glasgow wif cian, n he carried ma bag, thanx doll. met mo at hillhead subway n woked to murano street. tis like a 15/20 min wok away, ded easy to find. he's sharin wif go n 3 girls - helen, nicola and laura. helen n nic r cool, laura's rele quiet n like didnt tok to her at all as she hid away in her room which was a shame. so monday nite we all went out to the union as there was a ceilidh. altho everyone was drunk so twas jus random trwirling. i didnt dance at all cuz i got rele rele smashed n like coodnt stand, twas so funni. mo had to escort me home after a fun filled nite. got bak to the flat, hammy n his flatmates came over for a bit, twas banter. then everyone went away and twas jus me n mo i think. he got rele rele drunk on his JD n then puked like 3 times in da loo, lol. then go, cian, guy n helen came bak n tried to get me to go out wif them but i didnt wanna leave mo incase he spewed n choked on it. go n cian went out wif go's guitar n had a sing along, which like half da campus came n sat on da grass wif them n joined in. on tiesday we all spent da day feelin like shit :P went to the QM agen, but twasnt dat great, so cian go mo n me went bak to da flat. where we invenmted a drinkin game. n we used a whole bottle of JD and vodka n got pissed. n diff cards ment u had 2 do diff things, like shout 'everybody dance now' out mo's window. n go put on peoples clothes. n shout 'to infinity n beyond' n 'i ate a baby' n do a forwards roll, n other such randomness. twas so great. oh yeh ended up havin a huge butter fight, ma hair got caked in it, thanx mo! um cut mo's lip by accident 2! lol, was all bleedin but i sorted it out. um girls came bak wondered y the hell there was butter everywhere :P the guys went home on wed for bowlin. so i spent da day wif saz. went inna da city to pizza hut n then window shopped as we coodnt afford anythin :P then we went bak to hers, met chan. n then the 3 of us went out to Campus, which is so cool n all americany n stuf. then we went to the Garage, which was cool. not enough dance music tho. n tis pretty huge. twas cool, met a guy who knew all bout fids too, lol, wat r da chances! came home, spelt in mo's flat even tho he wasnt there. in da mornin helen sed she cood hear laura n her b/f shaggin all nite, lol poor thing :P um then on thur i took saz 2 her advisory meetin. n then waited on her n then went bak to ma flat n mo was bak. go n cian came bak later too. then on thur nite we went to the GUU for the dodgeball competition. twas so cool. i was gettin rite inna it, n stuf. the gu is def not as studenty n cool as the QM! um, then stoated home n me n mo were in his room. dunno where go n cian ended up, oh yeh they went to da qm. then i put ma hand on mo's pillow , twas all crunchy, n i was like, 'eh, mo ur pillows crunchy wtf's goin on?' n he felt it, n was like 'omg is dat cocopops?' so we opened da pillow case n twas full of cocopops, then pulled bak da duvet, n there was cocopos tonnes of it all under his sheet. lol, b4 we found it, helen n nic had cum home n i heard them say summit bout 'b4 they cum home' at first we thot twas go n cian dat cocopopped us, so we gathered up da sheets n went throo to go's room, pulled bak his sheets n his were covered too! twas da girls! lol. so we got revenge. we filled all their cups n pots n stuf wif cocopops n wrapped all their stuf in tinfoil, n then pt clingfilm over da toilet (didnt work unfortunately) nt hen ties their doors together! lol this mornin they coodnt get out n were hsoutin for ages b4 laura woke up n let them out, lol. n they had to unwrap everythin. twas so funni! then me n da guys headed inna da union to watch neighbours :P n then came bak to da flat n bantered bout. i had to pack to cum home as im workin at 8am 2moz mornin!

also, on go's 2nd nite, he was stoatin home from a party pissed, n sum guys handed him a fire extinguisher, n he sprayed a smily face in da grass, n da others ran away wen a security guy came over. he took his name n where he lived, as he was too pissed 2 rele know wat was goin on or lie n run away :P the next day he got a letter sayin he's been fined £183! lol., for usin 2 extinguishers, altho he only used one, n he dont know da other guys so cnt blame them :P n he also spelt throo his advisory meetin. tool!

got enrollment n orientation n stuf next week so wil b bak up stayin hopefully. wish freshers was jus startin agen! twas such a laugh.

think dats all da fun dat happned. wel more wooda done but i cnt member. dats all da main stuf anyhoo!

cat im gonna miss u! soz i coodnt cum out! have fun girlie n keep in touch!

peace n love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
5:11 pm
oooft been a whole week exactly since i last updated, n theres like nufifn rele to say but im sooo bored!

manda saz n hayls r away, so wish i cooda gone wif them! stupid no money situation. so this week been workin mostly. mo stayed at mnine, then i stayed at his, then he stayed at mine, then we had a break for 2 days then he stayed over agen last nite :P has been great seein him loads. finally got ma tooth in! it actually fitted this time! woop * was at bowlin wif da guys n kirsty n hilly on wed nite n we all went to da pub after n all got id'd, so cian n duggie had to leave, n as soon as they left it started pourin down :P on thursday twas saras bday! i was workin all day. n at nite all da girls n chan n mo went to mccabes. i sang in da karioke, twas well fun :P hee hee. mo stayed over after dat too. on friday nite i did nuffin i think. was gonna go to da fair but twas pourin so i didnt bother. on saturday i was workin 8-5, n then at nite i went to da fair wif da guys. twas fun. went on da tagada n the crazy frog. they were so good! managed to get hilly to cum on da tagada, even tho she was determined she wasnt goin to. she liked it tho. afterwards we were in escape, met ruth n iona n then i think we went home cuz we were bored n cold :P

had to work sunday, now dat da shop is open on dat day altho twas da most farcical day ever! we had 4 customers in da coffe shop n about 4 others wif take out stuf. twas sooooooooo dead! we opened at 12, n decided to close an hour early at 3 cuz twas so quiet, we actually sat on da chairs for like da whole day wishin peeps wood cum in :P he he. so i went i bot grapes n then came home.

mo stayed over last nite. watched You've Got Mail, tis so good, but i totally forgot how long it is! like 2 n half hours! 2day i had a hospital appointment at 9.40. was in the stupid place for 2 hours b4 i cood leave agen! task!

me n mo came home n watched tv n we fell asleep on da couch :P

dropped mo home, n now im ere!

have like nuffin planned for da rest of da week.

the joys!

peace n love xxxxxxxxxxx

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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
4:35 pm

wel da weekend was soo great! lol.

last week think i was jus workin mostly. ot called by saz from work at 8.45am to cumin cuz carol didnt turn up n i wasnt ment to b in til 11! was not impressed. then had to work at 8 da next mornin too wen i was ment to b off! stayed at mo's on wed nite. we were watchin the guys bowlin first of all. n then cuz twas hilly's bday dat day so we went to da pub n i got quite a bit drunk :P twas soo funni. go was holdin ma umbrella lookin cool. n we got to go's to drop him off, n mo ran out da car to go pee in da bushes infront of da car :P n i was left wif his maw prayin she didnt know i was as drunk as i was :P um got bak to mo's n we jus bongled bout as per. was workin at 11 on thursday, jus til 2! twas ok. dat nite i dunno wat i did, nuffin i think. on friday i was off. went to da dentist in da mornin to get ma tooth put in ma rank gap, n guess wat-twas too long, n didnt fit! i knew i woodnt get it! tis always such a farce, n they never get it right, so im goin bak this fri to hopefully get it then! wonder if i actually will this time! anyhoo wen home, then went to morrisons to get apples to make a pie for hilly's, met stef workin n toked to her for like 40 mins, bout such random n funni stuf. twas coolt o catch up wif her. then went home, made me pie n stuf. ma aunt foned n asked if i cood go up to ma grans at dat moment to get ma hair cut, so i did, n she had da baby wif her who was all gorgeous n sleepin n had da hiccups n twassoo cute! lol. he has a wee bouncer chair dat sings songs n vibrates n shakes n stuf! we had such crap things wen we were kids! got ma hair cut. there was such a huge pile of hair on da floor, cuz mine is so think, twas so funni. then left n got ready for hilly's. piked up manda n off we went. she brot a celine dion cd wif her n put on a song we totally loved wen we were wee, i was guttin maself, n i stil knew all da words! so we had dat up loud n were singin away :P

hilly's was good. had sum peoples pie in da cramped kitched. n had cake n bantered bout. listened to stu singin. n had a big oc convo, rating da girls who were hottest to non hottest, cians such a tool. thinkin anna was alix, duh! um me n manda n hayls left at 10.30, cuz i as nakcered n was workin at 8 da next mornin, we went n got pakora n then home.

work on saturday was ok i think. dnt rele member much. myra's stil off altho she shood b bak this monday unfortunately! tis so great wen she aint in, u cn banter bout n do wat u want much more than usual! wish janette was da boss instead! lousie was stil drunk wen she came in too :P me n saz went to da lounge for lunch too which was cool. after work i showered n rushe bout gettin ready for saras. piked up manda n off we went. got there n there was a baby pic of saz on da front door, lol. twas so funni. n we hit a pinyatta, thing, n jill pulled da ribbon n all da sweets fell on her! hee hee. so we had champagne n muched a wee bit then all went to da townhouse. twas good. im likin da chimichanga thing, i was soo full th n felt sick :P n we managed to persuade kirsty, cat n hayls t cum to fids too. lol twas funni, cats like 'rite if kirsty goes, which is unlikely, then i'll go too' n 5 mins later kirsty's like 'rite, im gonna go!' n cats like 'uh wat? crap, fine 'll cum too!' lol. n she also hit this guy on da head wif a plant who kept lookin at us da hwole time after dat. n i tried to shut this door cuz i was gettin a draft, but i coodnt get it so had to ask sum1, n finally there was warmth agen! lol. had cocktails n stuf.
after dat gillian, saz n jill went to ross's n the rest of us went to papa joes, the clachan n mccabes where we met up wif a bunch of peeps n saz and dat agen. then headed up fids soon after dat. twas good. we all got in n hadnt been up wif all da girls before. shame steph didnt cum, then we wooda actually all been there. sum peeps pulled n we drank. n nasty girl song came on n i was like 'wat songs this? i've never heard of it!' n maz n kirsty r like 'fo yes u have! u like it!' n im like 'wat? oh the chorus...oh yeh! i love this song!' lol ah twas funni. cnt rele member wat else happened. danced wif lousie a lot. she was wasted too! hee hee.

me n manda left to get opur taxi at woolies, saz n chan were ment to join us but chan buggered off n screwwed all da plans. so me n maz jus got it to ma house. got in bout 3am. n finally got up at 1pm after watchin hollyoaks for a couple hours :P manda got hooked on it, 'i wanna c wat happens! i never watch this! allys so cute, he cnt die!' lol twas funni.

then i did like nuffin all day i dont think. mo stayed over last nite. twas a good nite. watched Lost agen,tis soo good! cnt wait til da next episode on wed!

anyhoo dats everythin dats been goin on!

stil lots to look 4ward to b4 uni, arran hotel for anniversary, the fair, fireworks, hayls party, ionas party,jennas party, freshers week n all sorts! cnt wait!

love ya's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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